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Our Mission We strive to produce inspiring, innovative and, rational financial solutions by working with all stakeholders (retail, banks, technology brands) so that consumers can have access to technological developments and devices that will enable them to keep up with our era without delay.

Our Vision To be the solution partner that always provides the most innovative and best financial models for consumers to meet their technological needs without delay.

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Our Values

Our guiding principles: values that define us.


We produce and offer solution proposals that increase customers' purchasing power with groundbreaking, technology-focused innovative approaches, integrated as a whole."


Bringing forth innovative financial solutions that inspire both consumers and retailers, we stay one step ahead in keeping up with global developments.


We assist consumers in implementing their desires promptly with practical, achievable, and alternative solutions.


By combining consumers' desires and the power of retail, we continuously nurture our entrepreneurial spirit and excitement, crafting brand-new financial models.


At Fintegre, our aim is to simplify both retail and consumer life with the innovative financial solutions we implement.


In our pursuit of innovation and empowerment, we hold ourselves accountable for ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices t

Our Team.

We are a team of founders, philosophers, operational experts, sci-fi junkies, tech investors, and contrarians. We lean on our investment, research, and operational capabilities to provide a unique outlook and approach to investing in space and deep technology.

Ali Tirkeş Ali Tirkeş Co-founder & CEO
Ali Salcı Ali Salcı Co-founder & CPO
Fatih Yıldırım Fatih Yıldırım Co-founder & CTO
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We are entrepreneurs who are committed to creating value by solving real problems. We blend our experience gained in our professional careers with our entrepreneurial spirit and deliver real solutions for the retail industry.

Ali Tirkeş Fintegre CEO

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