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What is device renting?

Access the latest
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Leasing and Subscriptions

The Fintegre Platform enables our Partners' customers to access latest technology devices while providing and managing sustainable and seamless customer experiences through Enterprise Leasing and Subscription Programs.

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Enterprise Leasing

Fintegre enables our Partners’ Enterprise customers to lease the electronic devices .The Fintegre platform seamlessly manages the entire customer journey end to end (including hardware leasing, device management, claim management, and more). Serving as a crucial integrator for banks, financial institutions, and our partners, Fintegre aims to streamline processes. Additionally, to minimize costs for companies, we assess existing second-hand devices and provide competitive buyback offers.

Subscription Rental

The Fintegre platform offers a rental program for our Partner's customers, allowing them to lease devices for 12, 24, or 36 months and upgrade to a new device annually. Customers can rent or lease devices without ownership through the Fintegre Affordability Solutions Platform, which integrates fully with one or more banks or financial institutions.

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Questions & Answers.

Device Leasing Corporates and Subscriptions for Individuals
What is Forward Trade – in & Subscription program?

It is a service that enables to rent the new device with monthly instalment payments. The program enables you to replace the device with a new one at the end of your payments.

The return of the rented second-hand device must be in the specified condition.

Can I sell or deduct my own device from the Forward Trade – in & Subscription program?

Yes you can. We will evaluate your device and deduct it from payments based on the condition of your device

How does device leasing work?

1. Select your product at either online or in-store.
2. Sign your contract for a minimum rental period of 24 months.
3. The rental period begins once you receive your product.
4. After your minimum term has expired, you can continue renting your device or end
the rental by returning your product.

What are the benefits of subscribing to devices?

Renting technological devices can provide significant advantages in terms of cost savings, access to up-to-date technology, flexibility, and reduced maintenance responsibilities. It’s a practical option for both individuals and businesses looking to leverage the benefits of the latest innovations without the long-term commitment of ownership and lump-sum payments at once.

If you are renting on behalf of a company, you can benefit from VAT benefits depending on the country’s legislation.

Can I upgrade my device during the leasing period?

Certainly, you can upgrade your device during the leasing period. After a minimum period of one year, you have the option to make an upgrade. This allows you to take advantage of the latest technology advancements and ensure that your equipment remains up-to-date and aligned with your evolving needs.

Depending on the program and the month of the Upgrade you may have to make a payment.

What if I damage a device?

In our rental system, device insurance stands as a valuable asset, providing comprehensive protection in the event of product damage. This insurance coverage encompasses a range of scenarios, including accidental damage and water damage. Moreover, one of the notable benefits of our system is the provision of a temporary replacement device during the repair period. This ensures that you won’t experience any disruption or inconvenience due to the unavailability of your device while it is being repaired.

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