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Trade your used electronic device easily to reduce e-waste and contribute to the circular economy.

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Buyback Device Apple iPhone 11 Purple - 128 GB
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What is Buyback

Diverse options to
Buyback & Trade-in.

Fintegre always offer end to end management (campaign, pricing, shipment, Inspection/technical service… and many more)

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B2B Buyback & Trade-in

The Fintegre platform offers our Partners' Customers the ability to offer the best purchase value for the second-hand devices and reduce the customers’ new device affordability value. The Fintegre platform provides our partners' customers the best resale value for the second-hand devices, concurrently enhancing the affordability of new devices. Full integration or plug and play options.

B2C Buyback & Trade-in

The Fintegre online platform enables our partners' online customers to provide the highest resale value for their used devices, there by diminishing the cost of new device affordability. Our partners' customers can conveniently choose from home or office collections, store drop-offs, or cargo options. The platform also ensures seamless integration or plug-and-play alternatives.

Enterprise Buyback & Trade-in

The Fintegre platform offers our Partners' Enterprise customers the ability to offer the best purchase value for their second-hand devices and reduce the Enterprise customers’ new device affordability value. The Fintegre platform provides our partners' enterprise customer the best resale value for the second-hand devices, concurrently enhancing the affordability of new devices.

Marketplace Buyback & Trade-in

The Fintegre platform provides our partners' customers with competitive market prices through a bidding system that seamlessly integrates wholesale buyers.

Forward Buyback & Trade-in

The Fintegre platform provides a forward price commitment for second-hand devices to our partners' customers. It incorporates a module within the Fintegre Affordability Solutions Platform, allowing our partners to extend a future buyback commitment and new device sales arrangement at the conclusion of a rental period, facilitated by monthly installment payments. Choose between seamless full integration or user-friendly plug-and-play options.

We're helping and providing solutions for different devices.

How It Works

It's so easy, so simple.


Assess the device .

Enter the device information to be bought back and see the estimated buyback price.


Get the offers .

Enter information about the device status and find out the buyback price.


Replace the device .

View campaigns for your new device and maximise the buyback value.


Enjoy your new device .

Sell your old device instantly in the store and start using your new device immediately.

What Includes

Buyback evolution for different devices and industries.


Compare the prices of multiple Buyback Wholesale Buyer firms and offer the best price.


Buyback options in multiple (or various) categories such as cell phones, tablets, smart watches and many more…

Accurate Evaluation

Comprehensive device assessments by responding to inquiries from the sales representative, either online or through the diagnostic app.

Campaign Module

Ability to create flexible campaigns through a comprehensive campaign module.

System Integration

Capability to seamlessly integrate with current in-store and online systems.


Opportunity to customize the workflow and process based on the company's requirements.

Questions & Answers.

Platform Offering Instant Buyback for Existing Devices
What payment options are available for buyback transactions?

There are few payments options. Depending on the condition of your device and the campaign you will be offered a value to be discounted of the new device.

If there is no campaign at the time, you will be given a voucher that you can use in stores or online. In some cases, such as Online (B2C) Buyback, you may be offered a bank transfer for the value of your device.

How does the instant buyback process work?

The instant buyback process is designed to be fast and convenient. When you wish to sell your device, you simply initiate the process through our Fintegre platform. Here’s how it works:

1.Visit our platform or visit the retailer partner to access the buyback service.

2. Provide accurate information about the device’s condition.

3. Our system will then generate an instant quote based on the information provided. If there is a specific Brand campaign you will also be offered.

4. If you accept the offer, you will get credit towards a new device, depending on the options available.

5. Once the device is inspected to verify its condition, you’ll receive the agreed-upon value and trade in your device.

What devices are eligible for buyback?

Our Buyback service typically covers Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and many other smartphones. The specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on the make, model, age, and condition of the device. To determine if your device qualifies for buyback, you can visit the partnered retailer’s in-store sales executive or their website and find out the value of your device through our platform.

Not only limited to Smartphones, you can also Buyback tablets, Wearables, Laptops, MacBooks and many other electronics.

How does the retailer determine the value of my device for buyback?

The value of your device for buyback is determined based on various factors, including the device’s make, model, age, condition, and market demand. Our platform uses a transparent and objective evaluation process to provide a fair and competitive offer for your device. The more accurate and detailed information you provide about your device’s condition, the more precise the buyback offer will be.

Can I sell multiple devices at once?

Yes, you can. Our Buyback model is designed to give a voucher for the value of your device.

Also, our partners’ Enterprise or SME customers can evaluate multiple devices.

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